We are extraordinarily complicated beings. Our complexity is so, well, complex, that it is no wonder we are driven to reductionist and simplistic explanations to help us make sense of the world around us let alone our own behaviour and others behaviour.

When it comes to understanding weight loss amazing new science is emerging every day as to why it is far from an easy task.

I read an article citing the following: POMC, α-MSH, PYY, AgRP, CART, MC4R, are long-known key molecules involved in appetite regulation. RMR, TEE, TEF, or NEAT are also very important. 

OK, I have absolutely no idea what any of these are, but what it does show is that weight loss is beyond complex and trying to simplify it to a detox juice or lemon tea or any other whacky diet is bound to fail and create disappointment and more often than not will cause rapid rebound weight gain.

People have been so disheartened when they find that time and time again that they have successfully lost weight only to find themselves regaining it and usually a bit more.

It is time we take a major step back, a deep long pause, a deep breath and reflect on what has not worked and start to accept it may never work.

Quick fixes will remain just that. Superficial.

Compassion to self, managing expectations and approaching weight loss and maintenance from many levels including among many thing ,ones biology, genetics, environment, social world, life stage, culture, mental health and the myriad of other medical and genetic implications that determine ones weight.

Starting with not being critical towards ones self is a baby step but a very important one.