Weight Management Counselling

Our weight seems to be one of the things that is more fraught with emotional struggles than many other physical state. It is often very closely linked to not only our health but also our sense of self, self-esteem, self-image and even our mood.

In a body beautiful, youth obsessed society it seems to have taken on a much larger toll on people’s sense of self than ever.

By the time clients arrive at my rooms they have often battled with their weight for much of their lives. They have been on every diet ever created. They have lost weight, gained weight often, significant amounts repeatedly over the years. They are sometimes frustrated, angry, sad and often resigned and without hope.

Many people have had a life long history of people passing unkind judgment about them. They have been told they are lazy gluttonous and have no self-control. When in fact they might have had an underlying, undiagnosed illness or condition has made their weight difficult to keep stable or perhaps they have just been misguided from a young age about healthy normal eating.

These judgments are incredibly unkind and unhelpful and such comments create deep hurt within people that undermines their belief in themselves.

Diets are a major predictor of weight gain and consequently people have been unwittingly being trapped in the cycle of gaining and losing weight while at the same time believing all the messages they have absorbed over the years by cruel comments and commercial weight loss scams.

Weight management counselling helps to demystify the myths around weight loss, it helps you to learn to eat intuitively for your needs, culture, tastes and social life. It helps you understand when you are hungry and when you are eating as a form of self-soothing while learning other ways to manage unpleasant feelings other than with food and eating. It also helps give you strategies to help self-sabotage and sabotage by others while you are losing weight.

Losing weight ought to never involve being uncomfortably hungry and you can learn to be liberated from all the negative self-talk that is associated with your previous weight loss experiences.

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